Josephine's Story

Josephine was destitute when her husband moved to Nairobi for work and failed to send money to support their family. Unable to provide for her children’s meals or school fees, she would often sacrifice dignity and reputation to beg for food and money from her neighbors. 

Through her participation with her WORTH program group, Josephine has been able to better save and invest money in the microbusinesses of fellow members. With elevated self-esteem and a newfound sense of worth, her leadership qualities helped her get elected as Chairwoman of her group. Streaming income allowed her to purchase a cow, which provides sustenance for her family as well as milk she can sell to the community. Most importantly, her children are consistency fed and educated.   

WORTH resonates throughout entire communities as women gain lasting financial stability, self-sufficiency, and most importantly, the ability to care for their children and end the cycle of poverty at home.

Since the initial implementation of the WORTH project over 10 years ago, The Salvation Army has brought new hope and
opportunity to more than 50,000 women and their families in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda thanks to the generous support of donors.

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