World Service Office Offering Continued Financial Support to Refugee Crisis 

The Salvation Army continues to provide food, shelter, medical aid, legal assistance, and emotional and spiritual care to refugees and migrants in 14 European countries, as thousands of families and children cross European borders seek an escape from violence, persecution and deprivation in their home countries. 

Large numbers of refugees entering Athens, Greece typically remain several days before beginning journeys toward the borders leading to northern Europe. The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) is offering continued financial support to the international territories of The Salvation Army serving on the frontlines of this crisis. SAWSO issued $40,000 in rapid response funding in September, followed by $16,000 in October to support humanitarian response efforts in Greece, including assisting refugees with information, medical care, and pastoral care. This includes sanitation services – the delivery of toilets and showers – as well as communication services through the provision of computers with internet access. 

The Salvation Army, working at the port of Piraeus in Athens, is meeting families and individuals arriving via the islands of Kos, Lesbos and others. The Salvation Army is daily serving approximately 600-800 refugees arriving from Syria and North African countries with basic necessities and food. SAWSO’s financial support will also help the establishment of a drop-in day center with toilets, shower facilities, a help desk manned by a social worker, and basic medical check-ups.

An assessment team from The Salvation Army International Headquarters (IHQ) will soon visit several countries to further understand the organization’s existing services for refugees, and identify long-term relief efforts. This assessment is expected to spread across at least three countries and continue into November. 

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