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Lt. Colonels Thomas and Jacalyn Bowers entered their appointments as National Secretary and Assistant National Secretary, respectively, for The Salvation Army World Service Office, August 1, 2015. 

Since becoming officers in 1978, Lt. Colonels Bowers have led careers as servant leaders across several of the Army’s central territorial states. For 12 years, the Bowers served as Corps Officers in the Michigan communities of Niles, Jackson, and Port Huron. They have 17 years of service in Divisional appointments as Divisional Youth Leaders in Eastern Michigan; Secretaries of the Midland Division based in St. Louis; and General Secretary and City Coordinator/Women’s Ministries Secretary in the Metropolitan Division based in Chicago. 

The Bowers have had the privilege of serving eight years in various leadership roles at The Salvation Army’s Central Territorial Headquarters. Prior to joining The Salvation Army World Service Office, they served as Divisional Leaders in the Western Michigan and Northern Indiana Division based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was during this most recent appointment that they began to develop a heartfelt passion for international development work. 

Lt Colonel Thomas Bowers has attended the prestigious International College for Officers in London, England, an institution that strives to serve and advance the mission of the worldwide Salvation Army. 

The Bowers have passed on their legacy of serving to their three children. Their daughter, Lt. Tonia Collins and her husband, Jared, serve as Salvation Army Officers in Sedalia, Mo. Their son, Captain Anthony Bowers and his wife, Brianne serve as Salvation Army Officers in North Platte, NE; and their son, Thomas II who lives in Seattle, WA.

They have six wonderful grandchildren: Emily, Aliyah, Zoe, Aiden, Josiah, Ezra, and another who is on the way.