The Need

Disease. Poverty. Unforeseen disaster. These problems can be overcome. Learn more.

Our Supporters

Like you, our donors care deeply about others and seek real results. Meet them.

Our Role

We bridge those who give to those who need, serving both in service to God. Explore.

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Ways to Give

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Our Mission

To support and strengthen The Salvation Army's efforts to work hand-in-hand
with communities to improve the health, economic, and spiritual conditions of the poor throughout the world.

What We Believe

We work faithfully with those affected by poverty, until they are fed, sheltered and empowered to thrive.

We work faithfully with those affected by disease, until they are healed and further sickness is prevented.

We work faithfully with those affected by disasters, until they are restored and strengthened against future misfortune.

We work faithfully with those who are victims of abuse, until they are safe and made forever whole.

We work faithfully for God, always.