Salvation Army Canada Serving Fort McMurray Fire Evacuees

The Salvation Army continues to serve those impacted by wildfires in Alberta, Canada that have destroyed close to 900,000 acres and caused the complete evacuation of the city of Fort McMurray – affecting nearly 90,000 residents and workers.

With a presence in the area since 1979, The Salvation Army’s established and well-rehearsed emergency protocols allowed for quick mobilization after the fires began May 1. In the early days of the wildfires, four community response vehicles were serving over 2,000 meals each day to firefighters, police officers, and other first responders engaged in the fire efforts.  As long as the first responders are onsite, The Salvation Army will also be present to support them with food and beverages.

The Salvation Army is also supporting evacuees who have relocated to other areas of the region with community and social service programs, including the distribution of food, clothing, and other items. A dedicated disaster response team of The Salvation Army is working closely with other agencies to ensure that no needs go unmet.

Monetary donations enable The Salvation Army to meet the unique needs of those affected by wildfire destruction. To donate, please visit

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